Walmart: We Only Can Compete on our Everyday Low Wages!


Sorry if this place is getting to sound like WalMart-City but Lord knows they're in the news a lot and they are, after all, "America's Largest Employer"!

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NPR: Citizens United is Good for Unions Too!


Actually the segment on NPR's All Things Considered was titled, 'Citizen's United Ruling Benefits Union Campaigners'.

It was about as close to propaganda as NPR can get. The very notion that Unions, in decline for the past 30 years and who represent maybe 8% of workers in the private sector and a bit more in government -- that Unions can come even close to matching what Corporate America is putting together is disingenuous to say the least.

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In Race to White House, Dems are Outspent 10-to-1


bag_of_money.png Actually the title reads, "Romney Allies Outspend Obama 2-1 This Week".

Just '2-1'? Naturally that's where the Democrat currently is enjoying the benefits of incumbency. What happens when this isn't the case, say in 2016, and the floodgates really do open? 10-to-1 may be 'low-balling' the advantage.

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Sham Deficit Hawk Townhall in LA


It seems like every time there's a Democrat in the White House, the so-called Deficit Hawks come out of hibernation and suddenly start demanding we balance the budget. They did this when Clinton was in office and they're doing it again with Obama.

Have a look at this great account with wonderful analysis of a 'townhall' organized by the billionaire corporate front group, The Peterson Foundation in LA.

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Question of Media Accountability, WBBM Newsradio 780 Edition


Here's an interesting question:

Walmart is trying to bust into the Chicago market with a 2nd store, thus dragging down the wages and working conditions of employees at competitor companies, many of whom are represented by the good people at UFCW.

So, in order for them to grease the way so to speak, this monster corporation has flooded the airwaves with testimonials supposedly from employees of how awesome Walmart as an employer is.

I've heard the same commercial over and over again on the CBS affiliate WBBM the whole week.

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Question of Timing: SCOTUS Decision on Opening the Corporate Financial Floodgates


I understand that the decision to open the corporate financial floodgates for political campaigns is the direct legacy of GOPer appointments to the Court since the days of Ronald Reagan.

The weird thing is, is this the best time -- when the nation is doing a belly flop on the economy and corporations aren't, shall we say, particularly popular -- is this the best time to hand them such a present?

Can you say, backlash?

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Best Most Outrageous Bank Fee Ev-a


Just noticed that the scoundrels at Chase are now charging me on an account that I don't use much a $6 monthly "Inactivity Fee".

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Trillions in Bailouts and Not One Investigation?


The worst possible outcome of our current financial mess is to end up with the exact same financial institutions that we started out with.

Obama's response to a question about Glass-Steagall in an interview he gave to the NYT last week didn't make me feel too confident:

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