NPR's Mara Liasson Can't Get the Joke


Why can't Mara Liasson just go back to Fox? In today's episode of 'All Things Considered' her perspective was entirely GOPer certified. All she could come up with while discussing the political chances of Elizabeth Warren was doom for the lefties:

"...there is a real undercurrent of worry that she is too far left to beat Donald Trump in a general election."

She then proceeded to misrepresent Warren's policy goals claiming they were "2-to-1 unpopular with general election voters". Yeah, right. And then to show her complete bias, she refused to take Warren's joke at the LGBTQ forum for what it was, namely a joke -- despite the burst of laughter from the audience.

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Dem Day at the State Fair 2018


Had a great time at this year's State Fair. Featured are a couple of pictures from the Dem get-together in the 'Budweiser Tent' during 'Dem Day'. There were only a few short speeches before everyone got to turn to the fair itself. On the stage were Juliana, JB and Sen. Durbin.

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Forget #BlueWave ...


Please stop calling it #BlueWave. If you really want to motivate people, start calling it something like #HouseOnFire or #Run4YourLives !

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The Legacy of Mondale and Dukakis


David Ormsby :

At this point, Clinton, despite being from Illinois, is generating nowhere near Obama-level of enthusiasm.

Let's hope things change.

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It's All About the Turnout


So the results are in and it looks like the Dems have once again done badly in an off-year election. Some go so far as to say that with such results the Dems are "in crisis".

I haven't looked carefully at the results -- has anyone yet? -- but I get the feeling just like last year's lost for Gov. Quinn, that victory wasn't due so much to an increase in number of the other side so much as a decrease in participation by the Dems.

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Ready for Hillary


I guess the question regarding Hillary is whether she'll generate the kind of enthusiasm that will get people to the polls to vote for her. "Ready for Hillary" just isn't good enough. "Fired Up for Hillary" is what's needed.

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The "Pension Reform" Scam


"Pension Reform", "Pension Reform" -- that's what they're always saying. We hear it in the media; we hear it from the GOP. Hell, we even hear it from a few centrists Dems. The problem is that "Pension Reform" is nothing but a semantic cover-up. What the people using it really mean, is "Pension Cut", "Pension Cut" -- since that's what they'll really proposing. It's just that none of them are honest enough to admit it.

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Data Entry for Quinn


Entering data from call sheets at one of the Quinn offices in Chicago.

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