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Title Pub Date Author Source
2022 Won’t Be Another 1994 Republican Tidal Wave : 07/27/2021 Ed Kilgore NY Magazine
GOP on Verge of Becoming GQP : With news that House Republicans may not expel Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene from 2 House committees, the GOP—perhaps now the #GQP—may ring a bell it can't unring. 02/03/2021 Seth Abramson Proof
77 Days: Trump’s Campaign to Subvert the Election : Hours after the United States voted, the president declared the election a fraud — a lie that unleashed a movement that would shatter democratic norms and upend the peaceful transfer of power. 01/31/2021 Jim Rutenberg New York Times
What Does Free Speech Mean Online? : On At Liberty, we dig into how to reconcile social media bans and free speech rights. 01/29/2021 ACLU At Liberty - ACLU PodCast
Inside the Capitol Riot: What the Parler Videos Reveal : 01/17/2021 Alec MacGillis ProPublica
A Threat to Democracy : 01/16/2021 Marc Elias Democracy Docket
Trump’s Fraud Claims Died in Court, but the Myth of Stolen Elections Lives On : For years, Republicans have used the specter of cheating as a reason to impose barriers to ballot access. A definitive debunking of claims of wrongdoing in 2020 has not changed that message. 12/26/2020 Jim Rutenberg, Nick Corasaniti, Alan Feuer New York Times
Two Cheers for the Never Trump Conservatives : 12/06/2020 E.J. Dionne Washington Post
As Trump's Election Pressure Campaign Hits Republican Officials, Some Hit Back : 12/04/2020 Miles Parks NPR
NYTimes Shocked At What We All Knew : 11/24/2020 tengrain Mock Paper Scissors