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China Wird die USA Nicht Ersetzen : Asien will nun Freihandel ohne Trump gegen Peking, der Koreakonflikt schwelt weiter. Ein Kommentar. 11/12/2017 Christoph von Marschall Tagespiegel
'Accomplishments' disappear from Rauner’s website : 11/05/2017 n/a Illinois Chronicle
The Depressing Cowardice of Mike Ditka : 10/10/2017 Chris Ladd Forbes
In China, Scholars Are Being Punished Amid Growing Squeeze On Public Expression : 10/10/2017 Anthony Kuhn NPR
Ten Lies Distort The Gun Control Debate : 10/06/2017 Chris Ladd Forbes
The Supreme Court’s Anti-Democratic Feedback Loop : The GOP installs Supreme Court justices over the will of voters. The Supreme Court helps the GOP remain in power. Rinse, repeat. 09/29/2017 Scott Lemieux New Republic
AfD: What you need to know about Germany's far-right party : DW looks at the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, entering the Bundestag as the third largest party. Its main appeal is its opposition to Angela Merkel's open-door policy toward migrants. 09/23/2017 Jefferson Chase Deutsche Welle
A Serf on Google’s Farm : 09/01/2017 Josh Marshall Talking Points Memo
Donald Trump’s True Allegiances : Who could have predicted the President’s latest outrage? Barack Obama and anyone, really. 08/28/2017 David Remnick New Yorker
The A.C.L.U. Needs to Rethink Free Speech : Its conception of this right is unduly narrow. 08/18/2017 K-Sue Park New York Times