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Current Readings Around Town

Title Pub Date Author Source
Kavanaugh Will Kill the Constitution : The legitimacy of the Supreme Court is on the line. 09/06/2018 Paul Krugman New York Times
The Greece Bailout’s Legacy of Immiseration : The cynicism and brutality of what happened there is for the whole world to see. 08/20/2018 James K. Galbraith Atlantic Magazine
America’s Pre-Fascist President : 08/02/2018 Richard North Patterson Huffington Post
Trump’s Tariff War Is The Final Act Of A Broken System : The myth of free trade is coming apart. 07/22/2018 Zach Carter Huffington Post
The Essay That Helped Bring Down the Soviet Union : It championed an idea at grave risk today: that those of us lucky enough to live in open societies should fight for the freedom of those born into closed ones. 07/20/2018 Natan Sharansky New York Times
The Fall of Wisconsin and the Rise of Randy Bryce : 07/09/2018 Dan Kaufman New Yorker
The 11 Most Dangerous Things Donald Trump Said in His Montana Speech : 07/06/2018 Chris Cillizza The Point
Right-Wing, Business-Funded Groups Are Preparing to Use the Janus Decision to Bleed Unions, Internal Documents Show : 06/30/2018 Lee Fang, Nick Surgey Intercept
Here Is the Nasty, Unflinching Sendoff That Justice Kennedy Deserves : Anthony Kennedy was a horrible justice, and his last decision was his worst 06/27/2018 Ian Millhiser Think Progress
Donald Trump Is Getting Away With the Biggest Scandal in American History : A letter to Mother Jones readers from David Corn. 06/05/2018 David Corn Mother Jones