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Recipe for Disaster : More George Zimmermans


Excellent piece by Andrew Cohen over at The Atlantic of putting the Zimmerman case into perspective:

What the verdict says, to the astonishment of tens of millions of us, is that you can go looking for trouble in Florida, with a gun and a great deal of racial bias, and you can find that trouble, and you can act upon that trouble in a way that leaves a young man dead, and none of it guarantees that you will be convicted of a crime. But this curious result says as much about Florida's judicial and legislative sensibilities as it does about Zimmerman's conduct that night. This verdict would not have occurred in every state.... Don't like it? Lobby to change Florida's laws.

The crime here is 'Concealed Carry' and 'Stand Your Ground'. With laws like those, none of us are safe -- we are all Travyon Martin.

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Repeal the 2nd Amendment Now!


The amount of deference given to the gun lobby and its supporters is sickening.

People with guns kill people. People without guns kill less people or none all at. Guns are the problem. Repeal the 2nd Amendment now!

What in the world does the ability to gun someone down have to do with liberty?

The notion that gun ownership has anything to do with freedom is pathetic. Guns don't make freedom, people make freedom.

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Homage to Paul Harvey


My first reaction to hearing that Paul Harvey had died -- to be honest -- was surprise that he was still alive.

It's not like I followed his career all that much. In fact, while he may have broadcast in Chicago, the first time I heard of him was in the wild squatter scene of West Berlin in the 1980s when one of the few radio stations in English was Armed Forces Radio and he was on that.

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