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To the GOPers in the House...


Psst, look up 'Mugwumps'.

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Yahoo Mail: 'Your Spam folder is empty...'


Depends on your definition of 'spam'.

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The Fake War


"...[S]tandoff between Gov. Bruce Rauner and House Speaker Michael Madigan." [source]

"It's a Chicago tale that brings together Barack Obama, Mike Madigan and Ken Dunkin." [source]

What crap journalism. The sad thing is we're seeing this over and over in the media. They're going for the personalities over issues -- and values.

This conflict has nothing to do with Madigan. This is a conflict between a billionaire governor whose agenda is offensive to any Democrat -- any progressive -- on planet earth. And Dunkin's supporting it. Not to acknowledge this primary context is the equivalent of journalistic malpractice.

As Will Guzzardi says:

Anyone who wants this thing to end needs to realize that, irrespective of Madigan, there is *no way* that the Turnaround Agenda will pass the House. Insisting on it as a precondition of a budget deal is the same thing as saying “I do not want a budget deal.” That’s why we blame Rauner.

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Trump Event at UIC on Friday


UIC Official Email Communication:

"Parking lot 1B, located on W. Harrison St. south of the Pavilion, will be open for demonstrations. A stage will be set up for demonstrators on the west end of lot 1B near S. Racine Ave. The Harrison St. parking structure will be open for those attending the event."

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Words He Will Regret


Oh, oh! Speaker of the House Paul Ryan reacting to Obama's veto of the GOPer bill to repeal Obamacare (link):

“We have shown now that there is a clear path to repealing Obamacare without 60 votes in the Senate. So, next year, if we’re sending this bill to a Republican president, it will get signed into law,” Ryan continued.

Yeah, that's a real incentive to vote for a "Republican president". I wouldn't be surprised if the DNC had it already in a 30-second spot in preparation for next year.

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Rauner's 'Pro business turnaround agenda'?


WBEZ keeps on talking about Rauner's "Pro business turnaround agenda". Somehow I don't think that quite describes what he's trying to shove down our throats.

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The "Pension Reform" Scam


"Pension Reform", "Pension Reform" -- that's what they're always saying. We hear it in the media; we hear it from the GOP. Hell, we even hear it from a few centrists Dems. The problem is that "Pension Reform" is nothing but a semantic cover-up. What the people using it really mean, is "Pension Cut", "Pension Cut" -- since that's what they'll really proposing. It's just that none of them are honest enough to admit it.

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Dumbells Over Illinois


It's bad enough to be afflicted with the current Governor here in Illinois. I mean, how can his tenure not end really really badly -- what with his 'war on workers' agenda? But to have people with absolutely no idea of either the state or its dynamics come up with the following prediction:

I’d say it’s fairly likely that if Hillary Clinton wins in 2016 than Rauner is setting himself up nicely for the nomination in 2020.

I don't know where the guy got the script but it doesn't come from the Land of Lincoln.

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Rauner: Let Them Eat Cake


Chicago Sun-Times:

"In a newly unearthed radio interview, Republican private equity investor Bruce Rauner admitted earlier this year that he once favored the outright elimination of Illinois’ minimum wage."

Was that before or after this Illinois version of Marie Anoinette forked over $100k to join a wine club?

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