Bruce Rauner on DailyKos


Banner ad paid for by 'Citizens for Rauner, Inc' [Inc?] -- trashing Kirk Dillard.

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Ted Cruz: Who Me?


Words that will live in infamy:

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) argued forcefully Sunday that the government shutdown late last year was not the Republican Party's fault, but was in fact the Democrats' doing -- a contention that even members of Cruz's own party disagree with.

"I think it was a mistake that President Obama and the Democrats shut the government down this fall," Cruz said on CBS's "Face the Nation," according to a transcript. "The reason they did so is that President Obama dug in and said he wouldn't compromise and he wouldn't negotiate."

Cruz said it was actually President Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid (D-Nev.) who threatened and caused the shutdown.

"I didn't threaten to shut down the government the last time," Cruz said. "I don't think we should ever shut down the government."

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Campaign of Non-specifics


Andres Oppenheimer catches Romney promoting his signature agenda at the Univision forum in Miami:

Time and again, Romney responded with a promise to find a "permanent solution" to the immigration problem.

Problem is, he didn’t offer specifics, which amounts to offering a non-solution.

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GOP Foxes in the Hen House of Social Security and Medicare


I love how Republican candidates are running around the country presenting themselves as the true protectors of Social Security and Medicare. GOP VP candidate Paul Ryan just did it at an AARP confab where he claimed yet again that Obama wants to gut Medicare by $716 billion.

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Nice Guys != Nice Laws


PBS NewsHour commentator, Mark Shields, had an extremely insightful reaction to Mitt Romney's display of "kindness and generosity" during his acceptance speech in Tampa:

The one question that was raised -- and it is a legitimate one -- is that he was -- is enormously kind to people he can see in acts of personal kindness and generosity of time. But policies affect all kinds of people you don't see, millions of people that he will never come in contact with.

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Hashtag Beats out URL in Romney Signs : Moment in History or for Insiders Only?


Probably more of a comment on me than anything else... But when I saw the flurry of "Mitt" signs at the Republican Convention in Tampa, the first thing I noticed was the use of a hash-tag, in this case, "#ROMNEYRYAN2012".

What? No URL? Is that 'sposed to be 'ole school now? On the other hand, maybe they're only trying to communicate with the insider regulars on Twitter -- and figure no one else is paying attention?

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Indiana GOPers planning race to bottom



Many of the measure’s supporters also see an advantage in Indiana’s geography: It borders only non-right-to-work states and would be the only Midwestern industrial state to have such a law. “I think whichever of the Midwest states does it first will have an edge in terms of job growth and bringing new employment,” says Republican Representative Jerry Torr, the bill’s House sponsor. “Michigan and Ohio would probably fall like dominoes shortly after because they would have to in order to compete.”

UPDATE: And how appropriate that the Chief Scumbag among them is giving the GOPer Response to the SOTU. Says everything.

UPDATE: From John Nichols :

On Tuesday, Daniels will take his hypocrisy national. And in so doing he will make it abundantly clear that the Republican Party is committed to union busting as an economic and political strategy.

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In New Hampshire on Tuesday


We're praying for Mittens to carry it off! Go Mittens!

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Rightwingers and the 'S-word'


I noticed that Bachmann used the 'S'-word (i.e. 'socialist') a couple of times when talking about Obama in her own capitulation speech in Iowa this evening. Is there a point where this kind of language has to be confronted -- it almost never is -- and if so, with what?

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