The Fake War

"...[S]tandoff between Gov. Bruce Rauner and House Speaker Michael Madigan." [source]

"It's a Chicago tale that brings together Barack Obama, Mike Madigan and Ken Dunkin." [source]

What crap journalism. The sad thing is we're seeing this over and over in the media. They're going for the personalities over issues -- and values.

This conflict has nothing to do with Madigan. This is a conflict between a billionaire governor whose agenda is offensive to any Democrat -- any progressive -- on planet earth. And Dunkin's supporting it. Not to acknowledge this primary context is the equivalent of journalistic malpractice.

As Will Guzzardi says:

Anyone who wants this thing to end needs to realize that, irrespective of Madigan, there is *no way* that the Turnaround Agenda will pass the House. Insisting on it as a precondition of a budget deal is the same thing as saying “I do not want a budget deal.” That’s why we blame Rauner.