The Arrogance of Established Media


Evan Osnos at the New Yorker has a comment on (in his words) "The power of news illiteracy." It's part of a larger article on special counsel, Robert Mueller's indictment of several Russian-based web groups and people.

Now I have great sympathy for those who are disgusted by all the online "illiterates" out there. But sometimes it sounds like nothing but a celebration of old school media -- you know, back in the days when expression was limited to a chosen few. That's what you hear, again from the New Yorker, in this week's 'New Yorker Radio Hour':

But Platforms Are Okay!

The whole purpose of the web was to expand content creation to the widest audience possible. That's the role Facebook has also played in what they're now calling a "platform".

Sure there are crooks and liars who are then let in -- and they should be identified (and where necessary prosecuted) as such -- but sorry, crooks and liars have always been a feature (?) of American politics and this notion that we're suddenly becoming more extremist ignores our past and is, for that reason, a bit of an exaggeration.

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Chain of Tronc


This led to this which led to this which led to this which led to this and this ....

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Media: Lock-outs Okay; Strikes Bad


It was just last Friday (i.e. 3/25) that CPS management went out on strike -- opps, I mean, proclaimed a furlough day. How come the media didn't ask parents/teachers/kids how they'd be inconvenienced and how the kids were losing out -- on that Friday before 4/1? Strange that.

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The "Pension Reform" Scam


"Pension Reform", "Pension Reform" -- that's what they're always saying. We hear it in the media; we hear it from the GOP. Hell, we even hear it from a few centrists Dems. The problem is that "Pension Reform" is nothing but a semantic cover-up. What the people using it really mean, is "Pension Cut", "Pension Cut" -- since that's what they'll really proposing. It's just that none of them are honest enough to admit it.

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Lie of the Year


Politifact announced its 'Lie of the Year'.

In the same spirit, say I wake up one day only to find that Politifact has replaced my wife with a bunny rabbit. Now ultimately I might be better off (I mean, who knows) but is it right for Politifact to insist that the two of us (i.e. me and the bunny) are still engaged in a relationship that qualifies as marriage?

Politifact would say yes.

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Billy Bragg Sings' Never Buy The Sun'


BILLY BRAGG - NEVER BUY THE SUN from Billy Bragg on Vimeo.

Never buy The Sun; Never buy the NY Post; Never watch Fox News. Talkin' 'Bout a Revolution. [Featured on PRI's 'The World'.]
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Sarah Palin = Barack Obama ?


The self-imposed requirements of 'He-said-She-said' journalism are so disgusting.

For some reason WBBM in Chicago feels itself obliged to balance reports of Obama campaigning for Democrats with Sarah Palin doing the same for GOPers -- as if Palin were the only person doing this for the GOPers or, more importantly, there were some equivalence between a half-term failure from Alaska and the President of the United States.

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Will the True Populist Please Stand Up


Another day, another example of David Brooks' infatuation with something he calls 'populism'.

Odd that we only hear of this now that people are protesting against Democrats in power.

Throughout the long period of Republican Ascendancy, the people protesting then were never populist (though the demographics might have been similar) -- no, those protesters were nothing but a bunch of radical USA-hating elitists.

Love the narrative; the original populists are turning in their graves.

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It's Not Liberal Bias If You're Got No Liberals - the Media Then & Now


Like a made-to-order follow-up to my thoughts on media bias and how the Internet has helped even things up, NPR's On the Media has a wonderful segment on health care reform then and now, called "Rewrite".

The focus is on the differing media environments and the absence in the Nineties of a liberal response mechanism to the "republican echo-chamber". That was one of the reasons that Hillary Care eventually failed. Thanks in part to the rise of the blogosphere, things are far different now.

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The Media is reporting that Democrats are divided yet again. Yes, as if close to six months of reporting on 'pumas' and the supposed irreconcilable differences between Hillary and Barack supporters weren't enough, we now have an updated version, which pits unhappy lefties against Obama's appointees.

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