MSM: Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde


Scott McClellan has been in the news of late. His comments have set off a round of criticism concerning how the Media handled the build-up to the war in Iraq. Basically the verdict is that they were spineless in their coverage and pretty much did nothing but deliver stenography for the Bush Administration (see Glenn).

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Show Your Patriotism: Fight the AP's Smear Against Obama


FireDogLake has set up a convenient form to express your outrage by email to local newspapers that carry the slanderous material by Nedra Pickler.

Let's be clear about this, once they take away your patriotism, there's not much left. The article by Nedra Pickler was a hit piece not only on Barack Obama but on all progressives determined not to see a repeat against the next incumbent of the White House -- whoever that might be -- of what the media did to Bill Clinton for 8 long years.

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