HuffPo Getting a Bit Too Shrill?


Is it just me or are the headlines from HuffPo getting a bit too strident these days?

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It's Not Liberal Bias If You're Got No Liberals - the Media Then & Now


Like a made-to-order follow-up to my thoughts on media bias and how the Internet has helped even things up, NPR's On the Media has a wonderful segment on health care reform then and now, called "Rewrite".

The focus is on the differing media environments and the absence in the Nineties of a liberal response mechanism to the "republican echo-chamber". That was one of the reasons that Hillary Care eventually failed. Thanks in part to the rise of the blogosphere, things are far different now.

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The Media is reporting that Democrats are divided yet again. Yes, as if close to six months of reporting on 'pumas' and the supposed irreconcilable differences between Hillary and Barack supporters weren't enough, we now have an updated version, which pits unhappy lefties against Obama's appointees.

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Obama Action Wire (


Fight the SmearsIf you're like me, you've just about had it with how Dems are portrayed in the Media. The closer we get to the election, the more of a feeding frenzy this is going to become.

Since none of us are ever likely to go out and buy our own media/broadcast/radio/tv/newspaper company, it's important to develop ways of responding that give us at least a chance of being heard.

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MSM: Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde


Scott McClellan has been in the news of late. His comments have set off a round of criticism concerning how the Media handled the build-up to the war in Iraq. Basically the verdict is that they were spineless in their coverage and pretty much did nothing but deliver stenography for the Bush Administration (see Glenn).

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Show Your Patriotism: Fight the AP's Smear Against Obama


FireDogLake has set up a convenient form to express your outrage by email to local newspapers that carry the slanderous material by Nedra Pickler.

Let's be clear about this, once they take away your patriotism, there's not much left. The article by Nedra Pickler was a hit piece not only on Barack Obama but on all progressives determined not to see a repeat against the next incumbent of the White House -- whoever that might be -- of what the media did to Bill Clinton for 8 long years.

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