The Media is reporting that Democrats are divided yet again. Yes, as if close to six months of reporting on 'pumas' and the supposed irreconcilable differences between Hillary and Barack supporters weren't enough, we now have an updated version, which pits unhappy lefties against Obama's appointees.

Jed Lewison, over at DailyKos, talks about MSNBC's David Shuster being so eager to prove this point that he used a Kos poll on people's reaction to Obama's national security picks. The problem was, as Jed pointed out, "that the results of the poll contradicted the point he was making".

The cake however goes to NPR presenter Scott Simon. Apparently he was unable to find any liberal to talk about liberal attitudes towards Obama and was forced to rely instead on conservative WaPo columnist, Kathleen Parker. He even asked her to put herself "in the mind of a democratic liberal activist". The guy is a complete buffoon.

The truth is, liberals are goo-goo eyed about Obama at the moment -- just like the rest of the country. This blather about liberals being unhappy with Obama is just the latest version of Puma-nation.