3 Illinois State Reps Who Chickened Out on Vote


For the record, here are the three Illinois State reps who helped tank the override vote of "Right-to-Work" Rauner's veto as listed by the State Journal-Register

"Rep. Scott Drury, D-Highwood, was the only Democrat to vote against the override. Rep. Jack Franks, D-Marengo, voted "present." Rep. Ken Dunkin, D-Chicago, was the only Democrat not to attend Wednesday's session."

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With Friends Like These (Chicago Tribune Ed.)


ChicagoTribune_logo.gif The spoiled brats over at the Chicago Tribune Editorial Board have some warm words of advice for Lisa Madigan should she decide to run for governor:

It will be in the best interest of the people of Illinois — and in the best interest of Lisa Madigan — that her father, Michael Madigan, step down as speaker of the Illinois House.

Lisa Madigan's independence and credibility as a candidate — and more important, as governor — will depend on her father.

"Independence and credibility" -- that's the ticket! Of course, this is the same bunch who endorsed right-winger Bill Brady for governor last time round. It's not likely they're going to support Lisa Madigan one way or another.

[h/t CapitolFax Blog]

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Good and Bad


The Good:

Cheering for a tax hike feels unnatural, but cheer we will. After years of delays, Illinois lawmakers early Wednesday finally embraced the inevitable: raising the state’s personal and corporate income tax rates.

The Bad:

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Daniel Biss Announces Candidacy for State Rep. (Distr. 17)


From the Press Release:

Daniel Biss on Thursday announced his candidacy for the 17th Legislative District of Illinois. Biss, a Democrat, ran a historic campaign for the seat in 2008 against entrenched six-term incumbent Elizabeth Coulson, a transformative candidacy that stunned insiders. Coulson has relinquished her seat to run for Congress.

More here...

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IL House Committee Clears the 'Gray Davis' Recall Bill


In an attempt to bring California-style government to Illinois, the 'Gray Davis' Recall Bill passed through Committee 15-0.

Apparently the legislators think that the remedy to bad government is worse government. They undermine the institution by putting it at the mercy of large media campaigns with outcomes decided by low-turnout pop elections.

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