'Fresh Start' for Dems in the Illinois State Senate

SJ-R on the opportunities following the election of a new President to the Illinois State Senate:

Illinois_seal.png Sen. Jeff Schoenberg, D-Evanston, another possible contender [for Senate President], perhaps summed up the opportunity best on Monday, saying that it “provides an opportunity for Illinois Senate Democrats to have a fresh start in setting the state’s agenda. Senate Democrats need leadership that is more open and transparent and which works toward consensus in solving the state’s most pressing problems.”


With their complete control of state government, Democrats should have made progress on a whole host of issues from education funding to much-needed state construction money. Jones’ retirement is their second chance.

It's always the legislative stalemate and clash of personalities that gets all the attention. But the lost opportunity of advancing a progressive agenda in the state of Illinois -- that's the real tragedy. [h/t Rich Miller]