For Bush Everything is National Security


Even trade packs with countries like Columbia:

"This agreement will advance America's national security interests in a critical region. It will strengthen a courageous ally in our hemisphere. It will help America's economy and America's workers at a vital time. It deserves bipartisan support from the United States Congress."

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Reason #5,157 Why John McCain Won't Win



The oratory would just kill us:

"The most important lesson I learned here was that to sustain my self-respect for a lifetime it would be necessary for me to have the honor of serving something greater than my self-interest..."


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Chicago Tribune: Presidential Libraries Bad, Freedom Museums Good


I agree with there being a conflict of interest in U.S. Presidents setting up their own libraries. It's just ironic to see the point being made in a newspaper that has its own "Freedom Museum":

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McCain Courting the Sourpuss Vote


Apparently John McCain is running on a platform of bitter medicine:

"Hope, my friends, is a powerful thing....

"To encourage a country with only rhetoric rather than sound and proven ideas that trust in the strength and courage of free people is not a promise of hope. It is a platitude."

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Obsessing about California?


The L.A. Times has a nice Map of California with election results.

It's broken down by County and shows about 2% of results so far.

UPDATE: Here's a Map with Results from CNN.

Good news: Seals wins; Bad News: Pera loses.

UPDATE II: Final thought before I poop out: At least for the presidentials on the Democratic side, it doesn't seem like a 'Tsunami' after all.

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