High on Drugs at the NYT?


nytimes.logo_.gif I love the Gray Lady and wish we had the equivalent here but I really have to wonder what they were smoking when they published the article titled, "Obama's Effort on Ethics Bill Had Role in Governor’s Fall" that began this way:

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Interregnum Silly Season


You know it's the silly season when you start getting panicky articles like this:

Democrats: Obama Needs Hands-On Economic Approach

Democrats are growing impatient with President-elect Barack Obama's refusal to inject himself in the major economic crises confronting the country. Obama has sidestepped some policy questions by saying there is only one president at a time. But the dodge is wearing thin....

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Bush Administration: The Ultimate Challenge


king_george.jpg Nice to hear George Bush waxing lyrical on all the things he'll miss once he's vacated the White House.

Not to fear however, there'll be plenty of investigations and indictments to keep him occupied.

The Bush Administration, famous for its incompetence, is sure to screw up its ultimate challenge: covering up its record of misdeeds while in power.

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Photo from the 9th CD Rally for Obama


I saw a lot of old friends at the big and lively rally for Obama at the Broadway Armory on Sunday. Here's a shot of Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky addressing the audience early on.

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The Week in McCain


Max Bergmann writes:

This is the week that should have effectively ended John McCain's efforts to become the next president of the United States. But you wouldn't know it if you watched any of the mainstream media outlets or followed political reporting in the major newspapers.

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Obama Campaign: Unite for Change (6/28)


unite4change.jpg One of the easiest and most pleasant ways to get involved with the Obama Campaign (if you're not already) is by attending one of the volunteer events listed on

A big date coming up is the "United for Change" day.

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Super Abbreviated form of the Senate Intel Committee's Phase II Report


For slow learners or readers who scan:

"...were not substantiated by the intelligence."

"...were contradicted by available intelligence information."

"...did not reflect the concerns and uncertainties expressed in the intelligence products."

"...did not reflect the intelligence community’s uncertainties as to whether such production was ongoing.

"...was not substantiated by available intelligence information."

"The Intelligence Community did not confirm..."

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Hope of Humanity: Barack Obama


You've got to be a citizen to vote in this country but interest in the success of Barack Obama goes beyond our own citizens; it goes beyond our own borders and extends to all people of good will throughout the world.

What 8 years of Republican Ascendancy have made us forget is that the vast majority of people on this planet mean us well and want us to succeed. They admire what we've accomplished and are willing even to accept our leadership provided we remember to lead by example.

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Your Pastor Sinks Worse Than My Pastor


Reaction in the Media to John McCain's relationship with Reverend Hagee has been almost diffident -- especially when you compare it to the grief Obama got for Jeremiah Wright. Nothing new here.

Now finally McCain has had to "reject" Hagee, but he only does so by setting up an almost farcical distinction between his pastor and Obama's pastor:

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Leo's Prediction on the Democratic Primary Race for President


Okay, you heard it here first: DNC Chair Howard Dean wants this over by July. I say it'll be over by the end of this month.

That's right, by the end of this month, we will have a Democratic Nominee.

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