Question of Media Accountability, WBBM Newsradio 780 Edition

Here's an interesting question:

Walmart is trying to bust into the Chicago market with a 2nd store, thus dragging down the wages and working conditions of employees at competitor companies, many of whom are represented by the good people at UFCW.

So, in order for them to grease the way so to speak, this monster corporation has flooded the airwaves with testimonials supposedly from employees of how awesome Walmart as an employer is.

I've heard the same commercial over and over again on the CBS affiliate WBBM the whole week.

Suddenly I just heard a 'news' report on the same station: it was about the wonderful opportunity Walmart was giving to employees through the Internet-based 'American Public University'.

So here's the question, was it legitimate for a 'news' organization to run what literally was an 'info-mercial' without any input from educators as to the real value of such a program -- particularly considering who's buying all the ads this week?