GOP Foxes in the Hen House of Social Security and Medicare

I love how Republican candidates are running around the country presenting themselves as the true protectors of Social Security and Medicare. GOP VP candidate Paul Ryan just did it at an AARP confab where he claimed yet again that Obama wants to gut Medicare by $716 billion.

Naturally, the AARP audience would have none of this. And for good reason: the notion that you would put either Social Security or Medicare in the hands of these people is just plain scary. They have built their entire world-view around the belief that government-run programs like these are inherently wrong and ought to be transferred to the private sector. And true to form, whenever they or their allies get into office they attempt to chip away at these and other programs.

Now, during an election they're going to go after the strengths of their Democratic opponents. That's understandable. But they're really the last people in the world to whom you would want to give the keys to the hen house.