VAT - The Next Big Bait and Switch

The inestimable Steve Benen quotes the line-up for this week's Fox News Sunday:

A familiar face leads the charge against President Obama: In an exclusive interview, Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., joins 'Fox News Sunday' to discuss his opposition to the potential use of a Value Added Tax.

McCain's going on FOX to talk about his opposition to the VAT? And who precisely is pushing for a VAT? The only mention you'll find is by Nancy Pelosi in October and then by "outside adviser" Paul Volker -- both in response to questions as to whether such a tax might be on the table at some point off in the future at least theoretically.

And that's it! No endorsement. No statement that this was in the works by anyone even remotely connected to the Obama Administration -- in other words, a completely fabricated issue suitable only for a propaganda network like Fox News.