Working Class Credentials Sham

A couple of people have commented on Ross Douthat's piece in the New York Times eulogizing the "democratic ideal" supposedly represented by Sarah Palin because she became a "success" (such as it was) even though she hadn't gone to "Columbia and Harvard".

Frankly, if you spend all your time in office representing the interests of the rich and powerful, it really doesn't matter if you were were born to a bunch of sharecroppers and went to a one-room school house.

Naturally, if you look at who actually supports the GOP in election after election, you'll see that people with modest backgrounds are about as numerous in their ranks as people from non-white ethnic groups and those under 40.

So sure, having someone in a leadership position who never went to Columbia or Harvard may be something of a phenomena for the GOP but incessantly pointing it out, like Douthat does, is merely the homage that aristocracy pays to our democratic way of life.