Ding Dong the Deal is Dead

It's the hand of the Lord, I tell you!

Fran Spielman (Sun-Times):

sun-times-logo.png Mayor Daley’s $2.5 billion plan to privatize Midway Airport collapsed today for lack of financing, leaving taxpayers with a $126 million down payment, but no apparent way to shore up city pensions and rebuild Chicago’s aging infrastructure.

Mama said, 'Don't count your chickens before they're hatched':

“Everybody thought ... the deal was dead a month ago. There were rumors running around City Hall and every place. You heard it: ‘The deal is dead. Nothing’s gonna happen,’” a triumphant Daley said Sept. 30.

“We’re on the cutting edge. If you’re not creative in an economic crisis for your city, where are you gonna get the infrastructure money to compete?”

And all WBEZ could find was an advocate of this boondoggle to discuss the consequences of it falling apart?