The Virtues of Protest

I think Matt Yglesias has been going to the wrong protests:

"Getting people to come out every once in a while hold a 'protest' is, by contrast, pretty easy. And in the right frame of mind, it’s even fun. I’ve had fun doing it. But it doesn’t really change anything."

Picketing and other forms of protest are routine ways that progressives can make their voices heard.

Back in September when John McCain held a fund-raiser in downtown Chicago, about 20-30 of us picketed across the street. It was featured on the nightly news and William McNary from Citizen Action was allotted a moment or two to explain the progressive/labor side of things.

Had this not occurred -- i.e. had we not been out there, it would have been a story entirely devoted to McCain flying in and scooping up $4 million even in such a blue town -- Obama's home town -- as Chicago.

Our action didn't change the world but it pushed things forward just a little bit.