NPR Features Latte-Drinking "Starbucks Democrats"

National Public Radio

First, this has nothing to do with Hillary and everything to do with loaded metaphors. The announcer on NPR's 'All Things Considered' devoted an entire segment to explaining the difference between Hillary and Obama supporters as one of "Dunkin Donuts vs. Starbucks Democrats".

Of course, the Dunkin Donut types are all "down to earth" while the Starbucks types are hard to please and practically foreign (their coffee is 'dieci'-sized).

We hear these kinds of comparisons all the time. The whole purpose is a sort of reverse association where progressives with egalitarian tendencies are painted as elitists while conservatives whose agenda is to protect the elite are billed as populists.

Hillary is merely a convenient stand-in. You can tell where this is heading when the NPR announcer finishes off the segment by pointing out that Starbucks is "also the coffee of choice on John McCain's chartered jet."

That's right folks! You can't get more "down to earth" than when you serve Dunkin Donut coffee on your chartered jet. Try it some time and you'll see.