The Conservative Achievement

Channeling Steve Benen yet again:

It just doesn't occur to these [GOP] party leaders that the Republican governing philosophy doesn't work. The party had it all just a few years ago, did exactly what it wanted to do, ran over Democrats as if they were speed-bumps, and saw all of their ideas fail miserably. As the nation moved away from the GOP as a result, these activists concluded they'd learned a valuable lesson -- the Republican Party wasn't nearly conservative enough.

In a rather silly segment by Mara Liason on Morning Edition, Michael Gerson, former speechwriter for President Bush, had the following revelation:

"Because of Iraq in 2005 and 2006 and his political weakness, every disturbing element of the Republican Party had a kind of renaissance or revival."

So the crazies only started finding their voice in the GOP in "2005 and 2006" -- due to Iraq? Up until then, it was all sweetness and moderation?

Next we'll be hearing that George Bush was really a closet liberal.