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Voter Suppression : Passing Laws without Assessment of Consequences?


How do they get away with it?

What I find amazing is that they're passing these discriminatory voting laws without being obliged to come up with estimates as to how many people will potentially be affected.

If you were to build a new road or bridge -- or repair an old one -- wouldn't there be some estimate prior to passing the bill as to how many people would be affected?

Instead what they do is come out and say "everyone who wants to vote must now have a state id" -- without being obliged to add, "and oh yeah, we estimate that x-number of thousands of our fellow citizens don't currently meet these requirements". That acknowledgement should be part of the legislation.

I mean they probably have the numbers back at the party office.

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Voter Suppression


Civil rights lawyers in Texas said more than 600,000 of its registered voters did not have the required identification.

In April, U.S. District Judge Lynn Adelman, a Democratic appointee, blocked the voter ID rule. He said more than 300,000 of Wisconsin’s registered voters — 9% of the electorate — did not have a current driver's license or U.S. passport that would allow them to cast a ballot.

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Voter ID is a Poll Tax


Eric Holder, a great Attorney General by the way, came out and called Voter ID laws for what they are, namely, nothing but a poll tax.

He's right. But he was referring to the cost in money of getting one of these IDs. There's also the cost in time -- you got to get the paperwork together, take time off of work, go down to whatever agency hands these things out and then wait in line for God knows how long -- just for the sake of voting every other year.

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Okay, if the GOPers Want it: One Voter ID for All!


I don't have a driver's license -- because I don't drive. But why should voting be built around being able to drive?

I think if the GOP is serious about this, they'll require everyone -- and not just those without driver's licenses -- to make a special trip to get specially bonafide voter ids.

If one person has to make this trip, then all should! It's only fair.

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'We March for Hope Not Hate'


Inspiring message from the One Nation rally in DC. More here...

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