Famous Last Words - Greek Edition


Two professors place their bets on the Greek election in today's WaPo:

"Come September, Syriza will perform strongly."

Well, time will tell. In fact, since the election is happening on Sept. 20, time will tell in just a couple of weeks. The professors continue:

"...In fact, Tsipras’s ability to present himself as the defender of Greek dignity and honor and his move toward the center will probably increase Syriza’s share of the vote, even with the new Popular Unity running to its left."

So not only will Syriza maintain its majority but will increase it! That's quite a prediction for a party where "the need to compromise [i.e. signing on to yet more austerity] ultimately trumped the need to remain ideologically pure". All of this, the authors claim, is based on their 'research'.

Of course, there is the example of the embattled democracies of the early 1930s. There the treatment for economic hard times, much like today, was yet more austerity -- a recipe which gradually undermined the legitimacy of democratic regimes, strengthening at the same time extremist groups, particularly on the right.

We know how that ended. Still the professors make their predictions. Again, time will tell if any faces end up with egg.

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Thought on Greece


It's amazing (not to mention disheartening) how much the media is only reflecting the views of the banks and financial institutions.

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Where All This Is Heading (Greek Ed.)


John Psaropoulos on the effects of austerity on the Greek political terrain:

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