Thank You, Justice Scalia

A lot of us -- at least those of us paying attention -- knew that the coming election would have incredible consequences regarding the Supreme Court and that because of this it really wouldn't matter who ultimately the Democratic candidate was. There also seemed to be a certain enthusiasm deficit among Dems which was only natural seeing as though our guy has been in office for the past 2 terms. The GOPers didn't need firing up. And we did -- especially with so much, again particularly the Supreme Court, at stake.

This perspective has now been given an incredible, almost meteoric boost thanks to the abrupt departure of Anthony Scalia from this worldly life.

So, thank you, Justice Scalia, thank you for this final service to your country!

Media Follow-up:

Paul Waldman: "Everyone now understands that the Supreme Court may be the most important issue in this election (which I’ve been arguing for some time), not only because of this vacancy but because of the advanced age of so many of the justices."

UPDATE (2/18): This guy begs to differ...