NPR "Fact Check" of Clinton Foundation -- Back to the Good Old Days of 'Clinton Politics'

NPR may call its segment on the Clinton Foundation 'fact checking' but it sounded to me like the good old days of unsubstantiated rumor leading to nothing:

"Fact Check: Is The Clinton Foundation 'The Most Transparent'?"

First, it's not clear correspondent Peter Overby really is looking at how other Foundations are run.

Equally important, the so-called 'transcript' omits the final sentence of the broadcast version which goes:

Peter Overby: "So at least as things stand now, the Clinton Foundation "transparency controversy" [sic] resembles some of the other episodes of Clinton politics: It's a picture that's not terribly clear, shaped by exaggerations on both sides." (Check out the mp3 file).

So the line about "other episodes of Clinton politics" isn't included in the "transcript". Interesting... I wonder why.