Chicago Tribune Doomsday: '1/12/11'

Funny. Every time I hear good news about employment in Illinois -- here's one from today's Chicago Sun-Times titled "Chicago Unemployment Rate Declines to 8 Percent, Lowest Since '08" -- I'm reminded of the following prediction of doom and gloom offered up by the Chicago Tribune Editorial Board in January of 2011:

At least 1/12/11 will be easy to remember. On that day, with the state of Illinois mired at 48th place nationwide in job creation, Democratic leaders dragged through the lame-duck Legislature—with a post-midnight vote in the Senate—a tax plan sure to make many employers do their hiring somewhere else.

It went on to predict:

Remember that Illinois needs 600,000 more people working to restore employment to the level it was a decade ago. Then burn 1/12/11 into your brain — along with the phrase "Goodbye, jobs."