Dem Day Part II

Dem Day itself traditionally begins with the County Chair Breakfast. Turn-out this year was extraordinary. Tables were squeezed into the hall and it was standing room only near the back.

All the statewide Democratic officials spoke. A lot of it was focused on the national election and the need to travel to battleground states. Senator Durbin, here speaking, reminisced about an early discussion he had had with Obama encouraging him to run: "Some times you pick the moment and sometimes the moment picks you," he recalled telling Obama.

Once the breakfast was over, we headed over to the Fair Grounds. They actually had a shuttle-bus this year.

The Governor's Lawn slowly filled up. In fact, things got underway a bit late.

Coolest tee shirt of the day most definitely has to go to members of the Emil Jones team who sported fashionable "I vote blue" models. Senate President Jones himself is sporting one, standing next to Springfield Mayor Tim Davlin.

On the podium were candidates Daniel Davis (IL-19), Colleen Callahan (IL-18), Jill Morgenthaler (IL-06) as well as Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky (IL-09), State Senator Jeff Schoenberg and of course the Governor. The excitement of the day was provided by a huge group of AFSCME members who were vocally protesting cuts to their healthcare plans.

What's a Dem event without a little dissension?

Finally, perhaps put off by the high price of dairy products, this year's Butter Cow, a must-see by any Fair attendee -- struck a sedate, even contemplative pose.