Salmonella on Wheels (Chicago Style)

If you've been following Alderman Scott Waguespack the past couple of days, you'll notice that his new pet project is allowing trucks to serve food on the streets of Chicago. How this is supposed to improve neighborhood conditions is beyond me since basically these meals-on-wheels merchants will be competing with small businesses, namely traditional restaurants, that have far more fixed roots in the community -- for all the obvious reasons.

But even if you're not worried about that, you've got to wonder, since he's intent on expanding the definition of a food service, whether he's also planning on increasing the budget and possibly defining new procedures for the city agency assigned with overseeing commercial food services, namely, the Food Protection Division of the Chicago Department of Public Health (CDPH)*

Just one sample from his proposed ordinance: license applicants will have to come up with a 'sample route map that the applicant will follow for five business days with times and length of stay at each stop' (4-8-038)(2).** Is there any thought as to who if anyone is going to check whether these trucks are toeing the line, so to speak? Don't make me laugh!