Tribune Goes All Greek on Obama Budget

The Chicago Tribune Editorial Board goes all Greek on Obama's proposed budget, not bothering to mention that we still are in a deflated economy with millions of unemployed. They even single out (not surprisingly) probably the only benefit going to all working people, namely the couple of bucks coming from the payroll tax cut. For them it's all about debt. But what would you expect from a group of dandies gone bankrupt?

Contrast this with the NYT which recognizes our current challenges:

"The president’s budget calls for long-term deficit reduction, but its immediate priority is to encourage the fledgling economic recovery. Instead of trying to stabilize the budget on the backs of the poor, it would raise taxes on the wealthy and on big banks and eliminate many corporate tax loopholes."

P.S. It's ironic that the above-mentioned Dandies-Gone-Bankrupt mention Ezra Klein but don't even bother to link to Ezra's article (click on their WaPo link and you'll see what I mean). Maybe they didn't link to the article because Ezra who's a bit more grounded in reality, says the following:

"... This isn't a popular thing to say, but there are times when it's good to have a deficit. Now, for instance. When businesses and consumers stop borrowing and stop spending, government needs to borrow to pick up the slack and protect the vulnerable. But the flip side of that is we shouldn’t have been running deficits during the growth years that preceded the financial crisis, and we need to get them under control once the economy has recovered. And the two parties are proposing very different ways of doing that."