Words in German for Barack Obama and the Myth of Reagan in Berlin

The comparison of Ronald Reagan's speech in West Berlin with John Kennedy's speech 25 years earlier is ahistorical and completely bogus. It's a complete rightwing fabrication that's swallowed whole by the MSM.

NPR Host, Melissa Block brings up the myth in this evening's 'All Things Considered' only to be swathed down by SUNY Buffalo Prof. Andreas Daum who actually knows something about the two events.

All of West Berlin turned out to hear Kennedy. It was a speech of historic proportions that served to mark an era. It had an extraordinary effect on all who participated. You only had to ask Berliners about this as I repeatedly did while I was living there during the 1980's.

The visit by Ronald Reagan on the other hand was a completely orchestrated event with maybe 20 thousand "hand-picked" participants, as the Professor puts it. Many parts of the city were in complete lock-down by the police to prevent the kind of civil disturbances that had erupted during Reagan's earlier visit in 1982.

The truth is, most Berliners thought of Ronald Reagan much in the same way they now think of George Bush. He was no liberator -- except in the minds of his modern-day partisan defenders who are hell-bent on re-writing history. The only affect his visit had on Berliners at the time was relief to see him go.

It's ironic that NPR points to the "legend" on its site of John Kennedy calling himself a jelly donut. Yet it doesn't realize that it's indulging in a historical fiction of equal proportions which it uses as the premise no less of its entire segment.

In any case, the segment closes with Melissa Block wondering what few words in German Barack Obama might tell the Berliners. I think I'd suggest something we haven't heard from the Leader of the Free World since George Bush took the oath of office:

"Wir Kommen als Freunde..."