Mr. Tough Guy

I'm just so tired of this tough guy business. Here we go again -- this time from an account of a mayoral forum sponsored by the City Club of Chicago:

Temperament was also mentioned--from how the candidates feel the mayor should behave to their behavior on the campaign trail.

When asked about his reputation for being "crude" and aggressive, Emanuel said he fought his battles "the old-fashioned way" and always for a good cause. Del Valle, who Marin said was considered "too nice" to be mayor, said he has a history of challenging the status quo, and that the future mayor needs a "firm, strong hand and a big heart."

Being a jerk to those less fortunate or powerful than yourself -- which is all this guy has ever been -- is a lot of things but it's not 'tough'.

Sandra's got it right:

For most of us his history of progressive sell-outs took him out of the running long ago, but for those who fantasize about Rahm the "tough guy" consider the following. You know that statistic saying in one year the top 25 hedge fund managers made as much as 658,000 teachers? A tough guy is the one who says, "Let's go after those hedge fund managers," not the one who says, "Let's go after those teachers." Rahm has made getting tough on teachers practically a centerpiece of his campaign; meanwhile, Miguel has proposed a "Wall Street tax" and has promised to sue Morgan Stanley over the parking meter deal. I know who the true "tough guy" is, and it isn't Rahm.