More Pictures from the Obama Announcement in Springfield

  1. Evanston at 5am: Still very dark outside, we all gathered at the District office on Davis St. in Evanston at 5 in the morning. The three buses waiting to take us to Springfield were already outside.
  2. Pentagraph: 'It's All Uphill from Here':There were three buses -- captained by Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, State Sen. Jeff Schoenberg and State Rep. Julie Hamos. We were in Bus 3 with a whole bunch of students from Northwestern. Here's one who picked up a copy of the Pentagraph at one of the rest stops. The front page featured a picture of Obama along with the headline, "It's All Uphill from Here".
  3. Caravan-City in Springfield: We got into Springfield at around 9am. There were caravans all over the central part of the city. It looked as if all of Illinois had turned up for the announcement.
  4. Old State Capitol (Springfield, IL): There was an enormous crowd at the Old State Capitol. Basically the entire square was full. The papers said around 15,000 attended but it certainly felt like more people were there. Here's a shot of people heading for the exit immediately after Obama's speech.
  5. Handmade Obama Placard: A lot of people just made their own campaign posters for the event. Here's one of my favorite: Obama with a Girls Scout troop!
  6. Schakowsky, Schoenberg & Hamos: After the Rally, we went to the Governor's Mansion for lunch. Here Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky is addressing the Evanston Contingent as State Rep. Julie Hamos (left) and State Sen. Jeff Schoenberg (right) look on.
  7. Evanston Group at Governor's Mansion: Here's a picture of the Evanston Group at the Governor's Mansion listening to Jan Schakowsky, Jeff Schoenberg and Julie Hamos speak -- just prior to lunch.
  8. Campaign Pizza at the Governor's Mansion: What could be more appropriate on the day that Barack Obama announces his candidacy for President than campaign pizza at the Governor's Mansion!
  9. Sea of Pizza at the Governor's Mansion: Another shot of the sea of pizza that greeted us at the Governor's Mansion.
  10. Schoenberg & Schakowsky: State Sen. Jeff Schoenberg & Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky sharing a light moment in the dining area of the Governor's Mansion.
  11. Group Shot with Banner: Evanston Express Group shot with the 40' Banner, "Evanston Ba-Rocks for Obama". Taken outside the Governor's Mansion on the day of Barack Obama's announcement that he was running for President.
  12. Group Shot with Banner II: The 'Evanston Express' group with the Banner "Evanston Ba-Rocks for Obama". That's a long banner! But there were more than enough people to hold it up.