National Foot-Walkers Society for Justice & Abiding by the Law

WBBM Radio went on and on last Sunday about the protest at Addison and Western against 'redlight' cameras. You'd think a million people had shown up. With all that air-time, you'd think they could have interviewed a pedestrian or two for an alternative perspective.

But no -- which is kind of strange since last time I checked, we're living in a major metropolitan area where walking and taking public transportation are by necessity important facts of life.

This morning, once again, NPR ran with the story -- this time from Arizona and once again, apparently they didn't bother to interview a pedestrian either.

What's the problem here? Are they afraid of some dedicated foot-walker sounding off on how sick and tired they are of drivers who don't abide by the law, who don't know what it means to slow down and yield to pedestrians? I have a feeling there's quite a few people who wish there were more of those cameras not less -- only the Media is too lazy or incompetent to ferret them out.