It's the Agenda, Stupid

The reason you have to go and whack a person whenever they say "Liberal Elitist" is because it's a contradiction in terms. You might as well say "Christian Atheist" or "Teetotaling Alcoholic".

The fact is, there's nothing much that a liberal stands for that makes him or her an elitist. Liberalism is all about guaranteeing the benefits of our society to each and every member in a way that emphasizes fairness and equality. To your average liberal, extremes of wealth and power are not natural phenomena but a sign of system failure.

So whatever you think of the approach, the last thing you can call it is 'elitist'.

But that doesn't stop our opponents. What they do is completely ignore the agenda and focus instead on details (hair styles, eating habits, recreational activities) that are not only completely irrelevant but hardly unique to our side.

I mean, why is graduation from Harvard elitist only if you're Barack Obama and not George Bush?

Unfortunately the sham works because our media is complicit.

Eventually what we end up with is a topsy-turvy world where the populist is painted as an aristocrat and the aristocrat is painted as a genuine "man of the people".

So what should we do? It's simple. The next time some jerk puts "liberal" and "elitist" together is the same phrase, we should take it in the spirit it's meant and respond in such a way that they won't want to put those two words together ever again.