Recall is Just Plain Dumb

Eric Zorn has the right reaction to recall in Illinois:

I’m fearful of it, too. I worry that it will give too much power to interest groups with the money to mount petition drives and make elected officials even more skittish than they already are.

Zorn describes the Governor as non-plussed:

Quinn says history elsewhere suggests recall will be used sparingly, and that the steep signature requirement --15% of the total votes cast for governor in the preceding election -- assures it will be used sparingly.

Of course the 'steep signature requirement' is a mere three points over what's required to boot the governor out in California. That doesn't sound that 'steep' to me.

Also, who says the recall has to be successful? All it takes is someone with enough money and media access to score a couple of points before the poor guy in office has to stop everything he's doing and mount a counter-campaign.

It's hard to imagine anything more disruptive or destructive to good government. And the joke is, there's no reason for this -- we don't need it. Leave the California-style politics to the Californians. We've got enough problems as it is.