Your Strict Construction Looks Like Activism to Me

All day long, WBBM Radio played Sen. Orin Hatch's comment that 'empathy', which is one of Obama's criteria for selecting a Supreme Court justice, was just "a code word for an activist judge." All day long, they played this.

Hatch had said it on 'This Week with George Stephanopoulos'. What they failed to broadcast -- even once and hence I had no idea it existed till NPR reported on it this morning -- was Sen. Leahy's response. It went like this:

We've had a very activist court. We had an activist court that made a decision that allowed employers to covertly discriminate against women so that women wouldn't get paid equally. We in the Congress reversed that with a law, in fact, the first law that President Obama signed into law. I think he wants to have somebody to treat people all the same, whether they're Republicans, or Democrat, men, women, or whatever they may be.

So it's okay -- at least on WBBM Radio -- to spend the whole day with nothing but a Republican talking about 'activist judges' being appointed to the judiciary by Democrats, without a single contrary voice.

Is it any wonder that someone might come away from such coverage thinking Democrats only wanted 'activists' for the bench whereas Republicans only wanted 'strict constructionists'?