Chicago Tribune High on Drugs?

So according to the Chicago Tribune, reaction in the Chicago area to Obama's Address was "mixed". Here's their headline:

"Chicago Area Residents Give Barack Obama's Stimulus Bill Mixed Reviews"

This doesn't pass the smell test. Both CNN and CBS showed overwhelming popular support following Obama's speech. Here's how Sam Stein over at HuffPost summarized the results:

A CBS News poll of approximately 500 people saw approval of the president rise from 62 percent before the speech to 69 percent afterward.

Meanwhile, a poll on CNN showed that 68 percent of respondents -- who skewed a bit Democratic -- viewed the speech positively, 24 somewhat positively, and only eight percent not positively. Eighty-two percent supported the president's economic plan as outlined in the speech, while 17 percent opposed it. [Emphasis added]

But supposedly in the area where Obama comes from -- the area which voted overwhelming for him in November -- there the opinion was "mixed"?

The only part that was "mixed" was the intentions of the Chicago Tribune in publishing such a piece of propaganda. Journalism -- my ass.

[Image courtesy of Al Rodgers at dKos]