Recall for You But Not For Me!

Translation instructions: just replace all mentions of 'Gray Davis' with your favorite local Democratic candidate and every mention of "Republican" with 'ILGOP and the Chicago Tribune' (courtesy of Digby):

Oh, and in a delicious bit of irony, I'm sure you recall that Schwarzenegger won office in a recall. And that recall was based upon a hissy fit engineered by the Republicans over Gray Davis' attempt to pay the states' bills by reinstating a modest car registration fee. Now, the same man who arrogantly strutted around calling Davis a girly man has presided over the worst economy in a generation, having done absolutely nothing while times were relatively good to set the states' finances right and is now raising taxes on everything in sight. (Except certain corporations, of course, which are getting breaks because they will leave if they don't, just like the banks which are "too big to fail." It's never easy to govern this state, but Arnold certainly made it sound that way when he ran his substance free campaign.

If the shoe were on the other foot, the Republicans would be recalling Arnold right now. Just like the corporations, they always take advantage of disasters to further their own agenda.