Sun-Times Has Obama-mania in All the Wrong Places

Why Obama?

Judging by this picture in the Chicago Sun-Times [online], you'd assume Obama figured prominently in yesterday's proceedings in the Tony Rezko Trial. I mean, it's his picture along with that of defendant Tony Rezko and "star witness" Stuart Levine.

Once you read the accompanying article however, you'll find that there's absolutely nothing about Obama except for this tidbit at the very end:

Also Monday, Sen. Barack Obama's name again surfaced in the trial as Obama was mentioned in a memo about legislation that downsized the planning board in 2003. Rezko's lawyers sought to show that others besides Rezko were recommending candidates for the planning board, but the memo's reference to Obama focused solely on Obama's role in crafting the legislation.

Rezko once was a fund-raiser for Obama, who is not implicated in any of Rezko's alleged wrongdoing.

So the mere mention of Obama in a list of names from an unrelated email that has absolutely nothing to do with any of the alleged shenanigans, nevertheless guarantees a place at the top for Obama's picture.

I dread to think if someone should suffer a fatal calamity while wearing an Obama sticker or be in a car crash where the other driver has an Obama sticker on his bumper. We all know what the lede would be -- at least in the Chicago Sun-Times.