Mommy, This Is Why the Chicago Tribune Can't Have Friends (Among Decent People)

So I was reading through an article in the Chicago Tribune titled "Chicago's AirBnB Home-sharing Rules Are 'Draconian,' Lawsuit Says" and I was wondering who in the world would be on the side of AirBnB -- who would be arguing, as the article relates, that restrictions on AirBnB are both "unconstitutional and punish responsible homeowners". Then I got to this sentence:

"Liberty Justice Center, a Chicago-based nonprofit litigation center representing the plaintiffs in the case, teamed up with a Phoenix-based think tank called the Goldwater Institute on the suit in hopes of blocking the regulations...."

"Goldwater Institute"? That didn't sound too promising. But what really made me wonder was "Liberty Justice Center" -- for which the article carried no other background information.

So I cracked open the Google search box and here's what I found just on the first page:

Liberty Justice Center Defends Town's Anti-labor "Right-to-Work" law and Pays $10k Fine (!!!) for Said Town:

"Lincolnshire officials have settled one of the lawsuits stemming from the village board's adoption of a controversial right-to-work ordinance late last year .... The sum will be covered by the Liberty Justice Center, the legal team that represented the village in the case at no charge." [link]

That sounded pretty bad but this was the kicker:

Chaired by Dan Proft, Funded by (Among Others) Ken Griffin and Bruce Rauner:

"[Conservative Pat] Hughes is co-founder of Illinois Opportunity Project and president of Liberty Justice Center, which is affiliated with Liberty Principles PAC, chaired by conservative radio talk show host, Dan Proft.

More than $10 million has been given to Liberty Principles PAC by Chicago businessmen Richard Uhlein and Ken Griffin, as well as Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner." [link]

You'd think true journalism might intimate in one way or another just what kind of group Liberty Justice Center is -- or that one of its funders just happened to own the paper in which the article is appearing. Not in the Chicago Tribune. No way. No how. Talk about "false news".