Result of Term-Limits in Calif: Everyone's Clueless

Take it away Erza:

Out in California we have sharp term limits. The result? A legislature with no expertise, where a good quarter of the representatives spend the first year trying to figure out where the parliamentarian keeps the bathroom key. It's a damn tough thing to pass a budget when no one has passed more than a handful of them. It's even harder when there aren't deep working relationships between various legislators, and new coalitions need to arise on an almost yearly basis.

A commenter makes the point: "The one thing that term limits do is increase the power of the non-elected movers of government..."

Exactly! It undermines the continuity of the institution -- legislative and administrative -- to the point where the only 'old hands' you have are the lobbyists (who have no term-limits).

Worse, very often on the progressive side, all we have pushing for our values are public officials whose existence depends on their seniority. They have no support mechanisms, beyond what they can cobble together themselves, to deal with a political environment full of institutional biases (corporate, media, etc.) hostile to progressive ideas.

Term limits are an attack on progressives. The moment Republicans get in, they try to get around them. Just ask the Congressional Class of 1994.