Volunteer for Bill Foster (IL-14)

From the Foster Campaign:

Volunteer now or on Election Day

We are a short time away from the Saturday, March 8 Special Election. We need folks who can walk door-to-door on election day, the days before and to help us recruit volunteers. A few hours can make all the difference. Volunteer today.

But to win, we need help with phone banking, door hangers, and the like. Below please find the schedule for volunteers we have planned. If you are able to help, email our volunteer coordinator, Marianne at marianne@foster08.com

March 1-2 10am on Saturday, noon on Sunday

March 5-7 Evenings (anytime after 4:30pm) doorhangers

March 8th ELECTION DAY! 10am-7pm

For more info, see: http://foster08.com