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Health Care, Again


Ezra Klein has an extremely methodical take-down of what conservative columnist, Ben Domenech, bills as the "GOP's eight-point plan to replace Obamacare".

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Putting Ourselves in the Shoes of Others


Putting ourselves in the shoes of others is apparently a liberal tendency not shared by rightwingers. Jonathan Chait explains the difference using the conversion of Senator Rob Portman as an example.

By Portman's own account, in other words, he opposed gay marriage until he realized that opposition to gay marriage stands in the way of his own son’s happiness.

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Etch A Sketch: Obituary in the Obituary


I saw this AP piece about the death of Andre Cassagnes, inventor of the Etch A Sketch, in HuffPost. The final sentence read:

Etch A Sketches were made in Ohio until 2000, when the company moved production to China because of increasing costs.

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With Friends Like These (Chicago Tribune Ed.)


ChicagoTribune_logo.gif The spoiled brats over at the Chicago Tribune Editorial Board have some warm words of advice for Lisa Madigan should she decide to run for governor:

It will be in the best interest of the people of Illinois — and in the best interest of Lisa Madigan — that her father, Michael Madigan, step down as speaker of the Illinois House.

Lisa Madigan's independence and credibility as a candidate — and more important, as governor — will depend on her father.

"Independence and credibility" -- that's the ticket! Of course, this is the same bunch who endorsed right-winger Bill Brady for governor last time round. It's not likely they're going to support Lisa Madigan one way or another.

[h/t CapitolFax Blog]

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The 'Good Deal'


You know Paul Krugman's feeling well when he puts up a piece extolling the virtues of the Obama Administration calling it the "Big Deal". Here's Steve Benen's comment on it.

Now I know everyone's in a good mood at the moment but maybe we're going a bit too far? I'd be willing to settle for the 'Good Deal' or even the 'OK Deal'.

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Austerity in Greece a Huge Success? Time Will Tell


IMF Chief Christine Lagarde Sees Greece 'Reaping Benefits' of Austerity:

What technical analysis and the history of crisis management tells us, is that you're better off doing it [deficit reduction] strong and hard at the beginning in order to reap the benefits of the process

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Freedom and Groceries


Rick Perlstein in his "inaugural post" as a blogger over at The Nation gives the following definition of liberalism:

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Repeal the 2nd Amendment Now!


The amount of deference given to the gun lobby and its supporters is sickening.

People with guns kill people. People without guns kill less people or none all at. Guns are the problem. Repeal the 2nd Amendment now!

What in the world does the ability to gun someone down have to do with liberty?

The notion that gun ownership has anything to do with freedom is pathetic. Guns don't make freedom, people make freedom.

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Someone Ask WBBM: Is Bill Foster an Extremist?


Interesting interview by WBBM's Craig Dellimore of outgoing Congresswoman Judy Biggert. Biggert went on and on about the moderates being replaced in Congress by radicals of both extremes. It might have been nice if Dellimore had asked her view on how much of a radical left-wing extremist her opponent was.

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